Diablo 2 Resurrected Resistances

Breaking Immunities

Resistances that are over 99% result in immunity to that element. Even though the reduction is 1/5 normal, Conviction and Lower Resist are the only two skills that can break an immunity. For instance, ‘Fallen’ has 11% Fire Resistance in Hell Difficulty, and to break the immunity, you need to apply 55% lower fire resistance (at the least), such as what a level 6 Conviction Aura offers. This would result in the monster’s resistance to drastically reduce (99%), and from that point onwards, additional lowering at ratio 1:1 becomes possible, though the broken immunity skill remains at 1/5 reduction.

If both; Conviction and Lower Resist are present on the same monster, then they are both added together before the immunity breaks, which means they both will be working at 1/5 reduction even if one or the other isn’t sufficient enough.

General Facts

There are a total of four elemental attacks in the Diablo 2 platform: Poison, Fire, Lightning, and Cold. Each of the classes can either resist or reduce the damage from the mentioned elemental attacks by using specific skills or D2R items. Some attacks like Bone-Based and Curses are not considered as a part of the elemental category, so such resistances will not offer protection against them.

You may come across monsters that possess the ability to resist various physical and magical attacks, alongside elemental damage. Creatures that have the ability to resist magical attacks can also resist Bone Spells cast by a Necromancer, as well as the Barbarian’s Berserk. The Paladin’s weapon Blessed Hammer avoids the magic resistance of undead-type creatures and demons, but the magic resistance of animal-type creatures reduces the amount of magic damage a Blessed Hammer can deal.

Certain creatures also have Spectral Hits that can add a random elemental property into every blow. For instance, Assassins can utilize Fade that offers an Overall Resist +%. Barbarians can devote points to Natural Resistance at level 30. Paladins possess several Auras to reduce elemental damage, such as Resist Fire, Resist Lightning, Cleansing (Reduces Poison’s Duration), Resist Cold, and Salvation (Offers Cold, Fire, and Lightning Resistance).

Utilizing Resistances

Characters of the Melee class should always consider wearing equipment that offers resistance, as they are the least likely ones to avoid elemental attacks. Ranged characters should hold onto a Resistance Gear set in their inventory, Horadric Cube, or Stash. So, when you run into creatures, switch into the gear until the battle is over. A good recommendation would be Jewelry as it takes 1×1 the inventory space.

Depending on the class of your character, you may want to keep a shield that offers good resistance in your weapon tab (alternate). You can switch to the shield when in a battle against creatures that deal elemental damage. Charms are also decent for additional resistance bonuses, and especially ‘Resist All’ charms. As you move further into the later Acts with higher difficulty levels, Resistance becomes crucial. So, to survive Hell Difficulty and further, it’s best that you hold onto several resistance-providing pieces of equipment.

Ranged Vs Melee

For Melee characters, resistance is of utmost importance due to hand-to-hand combat battles. When you are fighting against creatures that utilize ranged elemental attacks, they can dodge or step aside, so being a Melee character, you have to close in to defeat it, which then exposes you to the elemental attacks.

That’s where resistances come in handy as they reduce the incoming elemental damage, allowing you to fight and survive longer. There are a few attacks that are quite hard to avoid, such as the ones used by Willowisps, Unique Monsters, Bosses, and Undead Horrors. In times like these, even Ranged class characters should consider improving their resistances.


Minimum Resistance

The base resistance of your character is determined by the difficulty level of the game. For instance, Normal Difficulty (0), Nightmare Difficulty (-40), and Hell Difficulty (-100).
Scroll of Resistance helps increase your base resistance level with 10 every use. It’s worth noting that if you die the bonus also disappears until or unless you have joined a new game. Yes, the character’s screen doesn’t display this bug, but it’s something of concern for softcore characters.

Maximum Resistance

Every character has a default max resistance of 75%, but there are certain items that can rate the percentage to 95%. Also, you can never become completely immune to elemental attacks with resistance alone.

Negative Resistance

A character with negative resistance actually increases the damage received by the player and creature.

The Elements

Lightning Resistance

Lightning resistances are most handy against Lightning-Enchanted creatures. Every time you go up against a Unique Lightning creature, it releases a Charged Bolt to every corner of the screen. Also, the more you hit it, the more bolts are released, and you can be saved from situations like these with the help of High Lightning Resistance.

Fire Resistance

Fire resistance is quite helpful throughout the Diablo 2 gameplay, as several creatures have the ability to deal with Fire attacks for diablo 2 monster resistances. Your first exposure to Fire creatures would be The Fallen Shaman, which has an attack similar to that of the Sorceress’ Fire Bolt Spell. Some of the Unique Monsters are Fire Enchanted and have Fire Damage added to their attacks, so when they are killed, they burst into flames, resulting in damaging (Fire and Physical) anyone within a few radii.

Poison Resistance

The most annoying attack in the game would be Poison attacks because when you are affected, both you and your health orb turn green, and the Poison starts to slowly drain your HP (Hit Points). Some attacks are deadlier than others, and some possess a longer duration in terms of effect. Also, the Melee class is more susceptible to Poison attacks than the Ranged class, as some creatures shoot Poison at close range and leave Poisonous Gas Clouds, which are easy to avoid if you’re a Ranged character.

Cold Resistance

Cold-Enchanted Unique creatures inflict cold damage. When such monsters die, they trigger Frost Nova, which is an explosion spell. So, for diablo 2 resistance (diablo 2 monster resistances)if you are chilled, then use a Thawing Potion to Thaw yourself instantly. Also, when you are chilled your movements and attacks become slower, which isn’t a good thing while fighting against dreadful enemies.

You could always consider abilities like ‘Half Freeze Duration’ (halves chill duration); however, you can only apply it once, and the multiple items that hold this ability don’t further lower the chill duration. Similarly, ‘Cannot be Frozen ‘provides the ultimate protection against chills by setting the duration directly to zero for diablo 2 resurrected resistance.

Magic Resistance

Each character has a Magic Resistance, and that is even though it doesn’t appear on the screen. The base is actually 0 for Normal, Nightmare, and Hell Difficulty Modes, and the only item that can make adjustments to Magic Resistance is a Crafted Safety Shield of +5-10% Magic Resistance. There aren’t any skills or items that can tower MR (Magic Resistance), and you can ways utilize Runeword Oath to modify the amount of incoming damage through absorption. To know more about absorption, there’s a genuine explanation below.

Physical Resistance

Similar to Magic Resistance, Physical Resistance is also not displayed on the character’s screen. However, it reduces Physical damage similar to how Elemental resistance work to lower or increase Elemental damage. It is displayed as ‘Damage Taken Reduced by x%’ on weapons, and Amplify Damage lowers it by 100%, while ‘Decertify’ lowers it by 50% for diablo 2 resistance. Later on, it is lower capped at -100% and upper capped at 50%.


Similar to how Magical reduces and Resistances modify the damage done, ‘Absorb’ heal a player or hireling first, and then reduce the damage done. The heal is only counted when the player or hireling is not at full health. However, the drawback is that if you end up with a negative amount of HP after resistances, then you will end up dead before Absorb even reduces the damage done.

OSRS Shield of Arrav Guide


Shield of Arrav quest is about a shield that has been stolen from the Varrock Museum. The museum is in need of help to track down the shield and return it back to its rightful owners. If you think you have what it takes to complete this quest, then keep reading further and we’ll help guide you through.

Quest Requirements

There are numerous quests in OSRS that require a number of items beforehand. However, in terms of the shield of arrav osrs quest, the sole thing that you need is a partner who can join the opposite gang. You can find the other player who will act as your partner by asking around for help in one of the popular in-game clan chats. Other than that, you’ll need 20 OSRS GP for the Phoenix Gang, and Two Phoenix Crossbow for the Black Arm Gang, which can be obtained during the quest.

General Information

Next up In this shield of arrav guide is the General information. If you’re going to join the Black Arm Gang, you won’t be needing any requirement, and you can straightaway head to Charlie the Tramp and ask him about the alleyway. If you’re going to join the opposite gang (Phoenix Gang), then go to Varrock’s Library and speak to the NPC named Reldo to know about a blue and white book that can be found on the top shelf of the bookcase. Once you’ve read it, speak to him again and ask him about the Phoenix Gang’s hideout. He’ll tell you that he’s not aware, but at the same time, he’ll direct you towards Baraek at the Varrock Square.

The Black Arm Gang

If you’re going to choose the Black Arm Gang in the shield of arrav osrs quest, then as mentioned above, you have to speak to Charlie the Tramp and ask him about the alleyway. He’ll bring it to your notice that it’s the Black Arm Gang’s hideout, so just head down the alleyway and enter the building. Once you do that, speak to Katrine and let her know that you’re aware of the gang and that you want to join them. She’ll then give you a task to earn her trust.

The task is to steal two Phoenix Crossbows from the Rivalling Gang. However, to do so, you’ll be needing a partner who will join the Phoenix Gang. Once that obstacle is out of the way, you can continue your journey by asking your partner to hand you the weapon store key (which your partner will receive when he or she joins the gang). The key then needs to be taken to the Phoenix Gang hideout located southeast from where you’re standing. Upon reaching there, you’ll find a small room south of the rune shop, but the room will be locked, so use the key to unlock it and climb up the ladder.

There will be a weapon master guarding the room, so defeat him and steal the two Phoenix Crossbows. Head back to Katrine and give her both the crossbows to successfully become a member of the Black Arm Gang. After that head upstairs of the building and search the cupboards to find one half of the Shield of Arrav.

The Phoenix Gang

If you’re going to join the Phoenix Gang, you will first need to locate Baraek at Varrock Square and speak to him about the respective gang. He will refuse at first, but you can always change his mind with gold. Give him 20 OSRS GP and he’ll spill everything out about the gang and where it’s located.

So, head towards the south-eastern corner to Varrock and look for the red exclamation mark on the mini-map to find their hideout. Climb down the ladder and speak to Straven about joining the gang. He’ll start speaking about the Varrock Herald Newspaper, but you will need to expose him entirely by saying that you know he’s a member of the gang. He’ll then give you a task to kill someone to prove your worth and earn their trust.

You must now head into the bar that is located south of Varrock and kill the NPC named Jonny the Beard. Make sure that you pick the dropped report once you kill him, and then take it to Straven to successfully become a member of the Phoenix Gang. Once that’s done, he’ll hand you the Weapon Store Key, which you have to give to your partner in the Black Arm Gang. There is also a chest in the southwestern corner, open it and take the half piece of the Shield of Arrav.

The Varrock Museum

Now, you must take your half of the shield to the Varrock Museum and give it to Haig Halen to receive copies of ‘Half of the Certificate’ in exchange. Your partner will do the same and receive the other half, so trade him or her to get both the halves. Combine it to make a complete certificate, and then take it to King Roald at the Varrock Palace to finish the quest!

World of Warcraft : How to Make Gold with Leatherworking

Most people will always tell you that gathering professions are the only way to make gold, and that most often crafting professions are going to lose you money because you’re going to be much too interested in gaining levels and will spend gold trying to make gear.
The thing these people don’t understand is that first of all, the gear you make does have an economic value. You can get back what you paid for in materials by selling the gear on the auction house. Also, you get to level your profession through the means of buying auction house materials and crafting more gear. The higher level the crafting profession, the more gold you can potentially earn through the use of it.

Once you can make some rare (blue) gear, this is where the money can really start flowing in. Of course making these equips is going to cost much more, but so does buying it off the auction house. If you’re the only one selling the equipment, you can easily make tons of gold through this way. Sometimes, grinding for the materials when they’re not on the auction house is the best way to make the gold. Grind on stuff that you can skin for the gear, or run a search on thottbot.com for the mob that drops the particular item you need. Of course this can take some time, but the gold outcome is often well worth it once you find one that works well.

I’ve noticed that one of the easiest and most reliable ways to make smaller scale amounts of gold is to change materials. For instance, buy stacks of light leather and convert them to medium leather and resell. Buy medium or light hide, cure, and resell for more than you paid for the salt. Also, another good way to make money through this is to buy ruined leather scraps, turn into light leather, and resell. Of course you need money to make money through this method, but you can still make a decent profit in the long run.

Taking Advantage of Trade Channel
The trade channel is a great way to make the gold flow in as well, because people that might not even check the auction house for the gear you can create might be tempted to view what you can craft them. Now, with the convenient feature of being able to link your profession to anyone, people can easily see every item that you can possibly craft for them, as well as the materials they will need to provide you with in order to create it. They will also know a rough estimate of what they should owe you after the whole transaction is complete if they used your own materials.

There are a few other ways to make money with leatherworking, and with crafting professions in general, but I would say these strategies are some of the best ways to make gold through the use of crafting, and leatherworking in specific.

The Best All Rounded Equipment in Runescape F2P

The best all rounded equipment for combat in Runescape is often highly sought after. However, in F2P servers, and as F2P players, we don’t have much choice. There are only three combat styles, which means three types of armour and three types of weapons and attacks. So the question is, not just “what is the best armour?”, but “what is the best combination of equipment I can get my hands on?”.
Now the three combat styles are melee (the most popular), mage (uncommon but powerful) and ranged (fairly common). Melee is the most popular due to it’s ability to withstand a rangers attacks, and with the appropriate equipment, such as d’hides, you can still kill a mage with melee. A mage will face serious problems with rangers, but however, they can easily finish off a melee warrior with a decent level of magic in their stats. Lastly, a ranger can easily shoot down a mage, but will face major difficulties in fighting a fully armed melee player. So what is the best fighting style and equipment in the game?

There is no particular “best” fighting style in the game. They all have their advantages and their disadvantages in their own ways. So what players nowadays try to find is the best all rounded equipment for facing all three combat styles. The best armour for an all rounded combat outfit would be d’hides. This is simply because d’hides have a good defence against magic, a decent defence against melee and a reasonably defence against ranging. This is a good combination to have, unlike melee armour, which is good against both melee attacks and ranged attacks but will crumble under a few magic attacks. And as for wizard robes, they have decent defence against magic, but melee players can still hit some decent damage into players wearing wizard robes and rangers can kill players in wizard robes off easily. On top of being all rounded in terms of defence, d’hides are also light, not to mention pretty cheap.

Now, for the weapons. Ranging can hit mages hard, but not players with armour on. Mages can hit armed players hard, but they wouldn’t put a scratch on rangers. However, melee weapons can hit rangers and can also hit through wizard robes. So if you can combine d’hide armour with a rune scimitar, you’ll already have a good combat outfit combination. Rune full helms are a good choice for head gear, as it won’t decrease your defence against magic by much and it will also give you a greater stat for your defence against melee and ranging attacks. A shield will also be required unless you are using a rune 2h sword, which is not recommended because of it’s sluggish speed. The best shield would be the rune berserker shield, fully charged. To save time, it is recommended that you buy this shield off the G.E. and then charge it with Fist of Guthix tokens. If you can’t afford it, then simply get a rune kiteshield. You can do the same with the rune gauntlets which are only obtainable in the Fist of Guthix minigame. These are the best gloves to be worn on non-members’ servers.

Amulets are also very important, as they are relatively cheap to purchase of the G.E. and they can provide a decent amount of defence and attack bonuses. The best amulet for an all rounded effect would be the amulet of power. This gives you attack and defence bonuses, which are by far the best stats given by an amulet in F2P servers. And as for rings, the only useful one which gives any real stats are the explorer rings. The best one would be the explorer ring 3. Apart from having some cool uses and features built into this ring, it also provides a +1 stat for the prayer bonuses. This is the only ring in F2P servers which provide you with a stat bonus. You can then obtain fighting/ fancy boots from the stronghold of security’s final level. These are the best boots in F2P servers.

Put all these equipment together and you should have one of the best all rounded equipment in Runescape F2P servers. I hope this guide helped. Cheers.

Taking and Locating Screenshots in World of Warcraft on Windows Vista

We see many screenshots of the world sensation mmorpg World of Warcraft. In forums and PvP videos we get to see players performing amazing achievements in gameplay. It could involve killing a whole lot of players in a battleground like Warsong Gulch or getting a group of friends together to make a dance music video in Ironforge.
But there are many times when you probably have killed a rare monster, trained in epic flying for the first time, or made it to the top of the charts in a battleground match. How do you take screenshots in World of Warcraft? How can a guild leader make sure his first successful raid can be something his guildmates won’t forget soon? Many players would want to keep memories of such things.

World of Warcraft isn’t the only game where taking screenshots is popular among players. Many veterans of Star Wars Galaxies before its Combat Upgrade would agree that shots taken of the game in 2003-2004 can evoke tears. Guildmates can relate to this the most, especially if they still remain in contact with each other.

MMORPGs in general are a hub for social interaction of the virtual dimension, which makes screenshots that much more compelling. Anything is possible and when you are able to direct your friends on where to stand, what to say, and what to wear for a screenshot, it’s a lot like being a director.

So how do you take a screenshot in World of Warcraft (and most major online multiplayer games)?

The answer is simple.

Step 1: The monitor is the camera. Whatever is on your screen is what is going to be in the screenshot.

Step 2: Click the Prnt Scrn button (Print Screen), which is located at the top right of most keyboards. This is the button you press when you want the screenshot taken. Think of it as the button on a camera.

If you want your interface to temporarily disappear so you can get maximum detail in your screenshot, press Alt + Z. This will immediately remove the interface (the hotkeys, bags, tabs).

Then click Prnt Scrn to take the screenshot, without any interference.

Click Alt + Z again to bring back the interface, everything back to normal.

It takes practice to perfectly time the Prnt Scrn button to capture a moment. Here is a screenshot of my Night Elf Warrior on an NPC gryphon mount flying towards Stormwind. I knew the mount was going to make a close pass to the waterfall, which was a shot difficult to do on a personal aerial mount. It was simpler to let the NPC gryphon move into the perfect position so I can time the press of the button.

Now you know how to take screenshots but here comes the tricky part. If you want to send these pictures to friends or post them on your blog, you need to know where the screenshots are saved. From looking at the forums and general knowledge about WoW, very few people actually know where screenshots are moved. The folder in which they are located is difficult to find without prior information of what type of folder it is.

The folder location is:

C:\Users\AppData\Local\VirtualStore\Program Files\World of Warcraft\Screenshots

The ‘Name’ folder is simply the main folder your system is based on (ex. John, Mary, etc.). It is usually the name of the computer’s owner.

There we go. AppData is impossible to locate visually because it is a hidden folder. To do this the quick way, go to the start menu (on Vista) and search for “appdata” and it should show up in the search results – but slightly transparent. This means it is hidden.

Enter the folder and keep moving through the list till you get to the Screenshots folder. To create a shortcut, right click on the Screenshots folder and click on “Create Shortcut.” A shortcut file copy of the folder will be created. Click and drag this file out into your desktop or to any location you wish.

When World of Warcraft was first launched, taking screenshots was a tedious process. The files were saved in .tga format, which must be converted to a viewable file such as a .jpeg. Programs like Irfanview were useful in converting the files. However, the developers realized the problem and facilitated the entire process by allowing screen shots to be automatically saved as JPEG files.

All gamers need to know how to record memorable moments not only for themsevles, but for their friends as well. It feels good knowing you can look back years from now, seeing the hilarity of influencing so many real people with a simple virtual avatar. Players can email their screenshots to friends through email attachments or they can post them on forums where many people can see them. Some guilds, in an attempt to preserve memories of games that are no longer considered popular, create long memoirs of screenshots where their guild history is chronicled in great detail and depth.

Memories are priceless.

Think you’ve taken a superb screenshot? Blizzard can be the judge of that. Enter your screenshots into their reviewed gallery, located here. The page has information and rules that your screenshot must follow to be judged. Blizzard is currently looking for many screenshot entries, especially environmental, for their new upcoming WoW expansion – Wrath of the Lich King.

It’s a bright future for artistic eyes in the virtual world. Be a part of it.