OSRS Shield of Arrav Guide


Shield of Arrav quest is about a shield that has been stolen from the Varrock Museum. The museum is in need of help to track down the shield and return it back to its rightful owners. If you think you have what it takes to complete this quest, then keep reading further and we’ll help guide you through.

Quest Requirements

There are numerous quests in OSRS that require a number of items beforehand. However, in terms of the shield of arrav osrs quest, the sole thing that you need is a partner who can join the opposite gang. You can find the other player who will act as your partner by asking around for help in one of the popular in-game clan chats. Other than that, you’ll need 20 OSRS GP for the Phoenix Gang, and Two Phoenix Crossbow for the Black Arm Gang, which can be obtained during the quest.

General Information

Next up In this shield of arrav guide is the General information. If you’re going to join the Black Arm Gang, you won’t be needing any requirement, and you can straightaway head to Charlie the Tramp and ask him about the alleyway. If you’re going to join the opposite gang (Phoenix Gang), then go to Varrock’s Library and speak to the NPC named Reldo to know about a blue and white book that can be found on the top shelf of the bookcase. Once you’ve read it, speak to him again and ask him about the Phoenix Gang’s hideout. He’ll tell you that he’s not aware, but at the same time, he’ll direct you towards Baraek at the Varrock Square.

The Black Arm Gang

If you’re going to choose the Black Arm Gang in the shield of arrav osrs quest, then as mentioned above, you have to speak to Charlie the Tramp and ask him about the alleyway. He’ll bring it to your notice that it’s the Black Arm Gang’s hideout, so just head down the alleyway and enter the building. Once you do that, speak to Katrine and let her know that you’re aware of the gang and that you want to join them. She’ll then give you a task to earn her trust.

The task is to steal two Phoenix Crossbows from the Rivalling Gang. However, to do so, you’ll be needing a partner who will join the Phoenix Gang. Once that obstacle is out of the way, you can continue your journey by asking your partner to hand you the weapon store key (which your partner will receive when he or she joins the gang). The key then needs to be taken to the Phoenix Gang hideout located southeast from where you’re standing. Upon reaching there, you’ll find a small room south of the rune shop, but the room will be locked, so use the key to unlock it and climb up the ladder.

There will be a weapon master guarding the room, so defeat him and steal the two Phoenix Crossbows. Head back to Katrine and give her both the crossbows to successfully become a member of the Black Arm Gang. After that head upstairs of the building and search the cupboards to find one half of the Shield of Arrav.

The Phoenix Gang

If you’re going to join the Phoenix Gang, you will first need to locate Baraek at Varrock Square and speak to him about the respective gang. He will refuse at first, but you can always change his mind with gold. Give him 20 OSRS GP and he’ll spill everything out about the gang and where it’s located.

So, head towards the south-eastern corner to Varrock and look for the red exclamation mark on the mini-map to find their hideout. Climb down the ladder and speak to Straven about joining the gang. He’ll start speaking about the Varrock Herald Newspaper, but you will need to expose him entirely by saying that you know he’s a member of the gang. He’ll then give you a task to kill someone to prove your worth and earn their trust.

You must now head into the bar that is located south of Varrock and kill the NPC named Jonny the Beard. Make sure that you pick the dropped report once you kill him, and then take it to Straven to successfully become a member of the Phoenix Gang. Once that’s done, he’ll hand you the Weapon Store Key, which you have to give to your partner in the Black Arm Gang. There is also a chest in the southwestern corner, open it and take the half piece of the Shield of Arrav.

The Varrock Museum

Now, you must take your half of the shield to the Varrock Museum and give it to Haig Halen to receive copies of ‘Half of the Certificate’ in exchange. Your partner will do the same and receive the other half, so trade him or her to get both the halves. Combine it to make a complete certificate, and then take it to King Roald at the Varrock Palace to finish the quest!