The Best All Rounded Equipment in Runescape F2P

The best all rounded equipment for combat in Runescape is often highly sought after. However, in F2P servers, and as F2P players, we don’t have much choice. There are only three combat styles, which means three types of armour and three types of weapons and attacks. So the question is, not just “what is the best armour?”, but “what is the best combination of equipment I can get my hands on?”.
Now the three combat styles are melee (the most popular), mage (uncommon but powerful) and ranged (fairly common). Melee is the most popular due to it’s ability to withstand a rangers attacks, and with the appropriate equipment, such as d’hides, you can still kill a mage with melee. A mage will face serious problems with rangers, but however, they can easily finish off a melee warrior with a decent level of magic in their stats. Lastly, a ranger can easily shoot down a mage, but will face major difficulties in fighting a fully armed melee player. So what is the best fighting style and equipment in the game?

There is no particular “best” fighting style in the game. They all have their advantages and their disadvantages in their own ways. So what players nowadays try to find is the best all rounded equipment for facing all three combat styles. The best armour for an all rounded combat outfit would be d’hides. This is simply because d’hides have a good defence against magic, a decent defence against melee and a reasonably defence against ranging. This is a good combination to have, unlike melee armour, which is good against both melee attacks and ranged attacks but will crumble under a few magic attacks. And as for wizard robes, they have decent defence against magic, but melee players can still hit some decent damage into players wearing wizard robes and rangers can kill players in wizard robes off easily. On top of being all rounded in terms of defence, d’hides are also light, not to mention pretty cheap.

Now, for the weapons. Ranging can hit mages hard, but not players with armour on. Mages can hit armed players hard, but they wouldn’t put a scratch on rangers. However, melee weapons can hit rangers and can also hit through wizard robes. So if you can combine d’hide armour with a rune scimitar, you’ll already have a good combat outfit combination. Rune full helms are a good choice for head gear, as it won’t decrease your defence against magic by much and it will also give you a greater stat for your defence against melee and ranging attacks. A shield will also be required unless you are using a rune 2h sword, which is not recommended because of it’s sluggish speed. The best shield would be the rune berserker shield, fully charged. To save time, it is recommended that you buy this shield off the G.E. and then charge it with Fist of Guthix tokens. If you can’t afford it, then simply get a rune kiteshield. You can do the same with the rune gauntlets which are only obtainable in the Fist of Guthix minigame. These are the best gloves to be worn on non-members’ servers.

Amulets are also very important, as they are relatively cheap to purchase of the G.E. and they can provide a decent amount of defence and attack bonuses. The best amulet for an all rounded effect would be the amulet of power. This gives you attack and defence bonuses, which are by far the best stats given by an amulet in F2P servers. And as for rings, the only useful one which gives any real stats are the explorer rings. The best one would be the explorer ring 3. Apart from having some cool uses and features built into this ring, it also provides a +1 stat for the prayer bonuses. This is the only ring in F2P servers which provide you with a stat bonus. You can then obtain fighting/ fancy boots from the stronghold of security’s final level. These are the best boots in F2P servers.

Put all these equipment together and you should have one of the best all rounded equipment in Runescape F2P servers. I hope this guide helped. Cheers.