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Diablo 2 Resurrected Resistances

Breaking Immunities

Resistances that are over 99% result in immunity to that element. Even though the reduction is 1/5 normal, Conviction and Lower Resist are the only two skills that can break an immunity. For instance, ‘Fallen’ has 11% Fire Resistance in Hell Difficulty, and to break the immunity, you need to apply 55% lower fire resistance (at the least), such as what a level 6 Conviction Aura offers. This would result in the monster’s resistance to drastically reduce (99%), and from that point onwards, additional lowering at ratio 1:1 becomes possible, though the broken immunity skill remains at 1/5 reduction.

If both; Conviction and Lower Resist are present on the same monster, then they are both added together before the immunity breaks, which means they both will be working at 1/5 reduction even if one or the other isn’t sufficient enough.

General Facts

There are a total of four elemental attacks in the Diablo 2 platform: Poison, Fire, Lightning, and Cold. Each of the classes can either resist or reduce the damage from the mentioned elemental attacks by using specific skills or D2R items. Some attacks like Bone-Based and Curses are not considered as a part of the elemental category, so such resistances will not offer protection against them.

You may come across monsters that possess the ability to resist various physical and magical attacks, alongside elemental damage. Creatures that have the ability to resist magical attacks can also resist Bone Spells cast by a Necromancer, as well as the Barbarian’s Berserk. The Paladin’s weapon Blessed Hammer avoids the magic resistance of undead-type creatures and demons, but the magic resistance of animal-type creatures reduces the amount of magic damage a Blessed Hammer can deal.

Certain creatures also have Spectral Hits that can add a random elemental property into every blow. For instance, Assassins can utilize Fade that offers an Overall Resist +%. Barbarians can devote points to Natural Resistance at level 30. Paladins possess several Auras to reduce elemental damage, such as Resist Fire, Resist Lightning, Cleansing (Reduces Poison’s Duration), Resist Cold, and Salvation (Offers Cold, Fire, and Lightning Resistance).

Utilizing Resistances

Characters of the Melee class should always consider wearing equipment that offers resistance, as they are the least likely ones to avoid elemental attacks. Ranged characters should hold onto a Resistance Gear set in their inventory, Horadric Cube, or Stash. So, when you run into creatures, switch into the gear until the battle is over. A good recommendation would be Jewelry as it takes 1×1 the inventory space.

Depending on the class of your character, you may want to keep a shield that offers good resistance in your weapon tab (alternate). You can switch to the shield when in a battle against creatures that deal elemental damage. Charms are also decent for additional resistance bonuses, and especially ‘Resist All’ charms. As you move further into the later Acts with higher difficulty levels, Resistance becomes crucial. So, to survive Hell Difficulty and further, it’s best that you hold onto several resistance-providing pieces of equipment.

Ranged Vs Melee

For Melee characters, resistance is of utmost importance due to hand-to-hand combat battles. When you are fighting against creatures that utilize ranged elemental attacks, they can dodge or step aside, so being a Melee character, you have to close in to defeat it, which then exposes you to the elemental attacks.

That’s where resistances come in handy as they reduce the incoming elemental damage, allowing you to fight and survive longer. There are a few attacks that are quite hard to avoid, such as the ones used by Willowisps, Unique Monsters, Bosses, and Undead Horrors. In times like these, even Ranged class characters should consider improving their resistances.


Minimum Resistance

The base resistance of your character is determined by the difficulty level of the game. For instance, Normal Difficulty (0), Nightmare Difficulty (-40), and Hell Difficulty (-100).
Scroll of Resistance helps increase your base resistance level with 10 every use. It’s worth noting that if you die the bonus also disappears until or unless you have joined a new game. Yes, the character’s screen doesn’t display this bug, but it’s something of concern for softcore characters.

Maximum Resistance

Every character has a default max resistance of 75%, but there are certain items that can rate the percentage to 95%. Also, you can never become completely immune to elemental attacks with resistance alone.

Negative Resistance

A character with negative resistance actually increases the damage received by the player and creature.

The Elements

Lightning Resistance

Lightning resistances are most handy against Lightning-Enchanted creatures. Every time you go up against a Unique Lightning creature, it releases a Charged Bolt to every corner of the screen. Also, the more you hit it, the more bolts are released, and you can be saved from situations like these with the help of High Lightning Resistance.

Fire Resistance

Fire resistance is quite helpful throughout the Diablo 2 gameplay, as several creatures have the ability to deal with Fire attacks for diablo 2 monster resistances. Your first exposure to Fire creatures would be The Fallen Shaman, which has an attack similar to that of the Sorceress’ Fire Bolt Spell. Some of the Unique Monsters are Fire Enchanted and have Fire Damage added to their attacks, so when they are killed, they burst into flames, resulting in damaging (Fire and Physical) anyone within a few radii.

Poison Resistance

The most annoying attack in the game would be Poison attacks because when you are affected, both you and your health orb turn green, and the Poison starts to slowly drain your HP (Hit Points). Some attacks are deadlier than others, and some possess a longer duration in terms of effect. Also, the Melee class is more susceptible to Poison attacks than the Ranged class, as some creatures shoot Poison at close range and leave Poisonous Gas Clouds, which are easy to avoid if you’re a Ranged character.

Cold Resistance

Cold-Enchanted Unique creatures inflict cold damage. When such monsters die, they trigger Frost Nova, which is an explosion spell. So, for diablo 2 resistance (diablo 2 monster resistances)if you are chilled, then use a Thawing Potion to Thaw yourself instantly. Also, when you are chilled your movements and attacks become slower, which isn’t a good thing while fighting against dreadful enemies.

You could always consider abilities like ‘Half Freeze Duration’ (halves chill duration); however, you can only apply it once, and the multiple items that hold this ability don’t further lower the chill duration. Similarly, ‘Cannot be Frozen ‘provides the ultimate protection against chills by setting the duration directly to zero for diablo 2 resurrected resistance.

Magic Resistance

Each character has a Magic Resistance, and that is even though it doesn’t appear on the screen. The base is actually 0 for Normal, Nightmare, and Hell Difficulty Modes, and the only item that can make adjustments to Magic Resistance is a Crafted Safety Shield of +5-10% Magic Resistance. There aren’t any skills or items that can tower MR (Magic Resistance), and you can ways utilize Runeword Oath to modify the amount of incoming damage through absorption. To know more about absorption, there’s a genuine explanation below.

Physical Resistance

Similar to Magic Resistance, Physical Resistance is also not displayed on the character’s screen. However, it reduces Physical damage similar to how Elemental resistance work to lower or increase Elemental damage. It is displayed as ‘Damage Taken Reduced by x%’ on weapons, and Amplify Damage lowers it by 100%, while ‘Decertify’ lowers it by 50% for diablo 2 resistance. Later on, it is lower capped at -100% and upper capped at 50%.


Similar to how Magical reduces and Resistances modify the damage done, ‘Absorb’ heal a player or hireling first, and then reduce the damage done. The heal is only counted when the player or hireling is not at full health. However, the drawback is that if you end up with a negative amount of HP after resistances, then you will end up dead before Absorb even reduces the damage done.