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Phase 1: Motor and VFD Efficiency Upgrade on (30) Air Handlers, Air Compressor Upgrade for Pneumatic Ejectors
Phase 2: Remove Existing Compressors, Supply and Install New 125 HP Compressed Air System, Controls and Piping.

KG Power Systems: Prime Contractor, Site Work, Mechanical and Plumbing.
KG Power Systems: VFD Installations

Project Management:
o Submittals, CPM Schedules, Weekly Schedules, Weekly Meetings, Toolbox Safety Talks.
o On-site Foreman & Project Manager.
o Coordinated work with Metro North Railroad and GCT, minimum shutdowns allowed – 24/7 Facility.
o Coordinated track shutdowns, Track Flag Crews and Night Work on tracks.

Site Work & Temporary Systems:
o Tie in of Temporary Compressed Air for Facility.
o Dismantle 125 HP Air Compressor, Rig in place in sub cellar and put back together.
o Form, Mix and Pour New Housekeeping Pads in Sub Cellars.
o Rigging of all Motors and VFDs to Air Handlers on Tracks, Roofs and Sub-Cellars.

Plumbing and Mechanical Work:
o Changed (30) Premium Efficient Electric Motors on Air Handlers throughout Grand Central Terminal. (15)

Required Night Work:
o Changed Sheaves, Belts and Bearings.
o Installed, Wired and Start-up VFD w/ Bypasses on Air Handlers
o Installed new Compressed Air Victaulic Piping throughout GCT.
o Installed new CHW Supply and Discharge to Water Cooled Machines.
o Removed and Installed (20) Track Filter Regulator Stations on Tracks at Night.
o Installed Booster Air Compressor System in Utility Tunnel, with housekeeping pad and associated piping.
o Night tie over of train car brake system to booster compressor.

o Coordinated installation of new service to compressors.
o Installed VFD’s and new Premium Efficient Motors.

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